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Friday, September 30, 2016

The Navy's Modernization of Ship Classes.

After yesterdays announcement that the navy was doing away with 200 years of tradition by taking away navy ratings,  sailors around the internet showed overwhelming support for the new NOS system.   That is why the navy has decided to Modernize navy ship classes by removing them altogether.

1.  Effective immediately No longer will we refer to navy ship classes as DDG's, LSD's, CVN etc.... Now all ships will be referred to as boats.  This will be more inclusive covering every size of watercraft the navy has.   The use of small boat is also prohibited by this instruction as "Small Boat" has been deemed a dorogitory turm.

2.  Boat Classes will be replaced by Navy Operational Boat System or NOBS.  The new system will allow for any Boat to qualify for any task.  This gives better flexibility to boats to be more productive.   Boats will be able to hold multiple NOBS's.  A former  DDG can qualify as a F11232 and be ably to do missions  for F11232 well also hold D23233 (F11232 is a flight launch platform, and D23233 is Amphibious Operations.)

3.  A focus group has been formed to help with the modernization and will push our new changes over the next 4 years.  After each change feedback from the fleet will taken and then discarded.

This change is one step in a larger effort to modernize our navy boat systems, and will benefit all boats with greater flexibility while in the Navy and after they depart the Service.